Scientific Human Homogeneity

What the world needs is some more convincing of, what is in my opinion, our divine and inseparable connection. Instead of approaching the question in a spiritual way, let’s talk science:

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: “A theory of human motivation”. Everything anyone does, according to Maslow, can be explained by these five factors. Anything ANYONE does, EVERYTHING EVERYONE does, fits into one of these categories.


Air, water, food shelter. We all need deserve these.


Personal physical, financial, health, community, family, prevention methods… We all need deserve these.


This can be broken down to mean acceptance among their social groups. When this is deficient, individuals have problems forming bonds to others, and can become psychologically unbalanced. We all need deserve love.


Respect, for self and from others. We all need deserve that.


We all need the room and possibility of achieving all that we can be. To have the opportunity, in whatever form, to strive for our best. We all need deserve that.

These factors, while described separately, are entirely interrelated. They all overlap and effect one another.

Beyond the six main wedge’s of Maslow’s theory, comes a seventh, further, wider category:


Perhaps an umbrella category for what is powerful above our earthly necessities. What transcendence means having a higher goal outside of our own physical, emotional psychological needs. Going beyond. Virtues, spirituality, the grand search for the origin of the universe. It can take on many (some might argue any) forms. We all need deserve that.

Maybe what the point is of this high-school science lesson, is to present a reminder of the motivation of other human beings. To recognize that we are all searching for the same things, we all need food and safety and deserve love and respect. Although culturally and historically we seek and find them in different ways, all roads lead to Rome. When these needs are unmet, disastrous things can happen- on the individual level, or on the societal level. Maybe next time you find yourself totally alienated from another person, for whatever reason, take a second to recognize that at the base of your beings not only do you both bleed blood but you both work for, strive for, yearn for the same fulfillment.

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