Refugees Welcome

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

As true as this phrase rings, sometimes pinpointing what one can do to prevent the cloud of evil and hardship that often descends, is… challenging. Either we have too many good options, or too many options none of which are good enough.

Refugees Welcome is a new organization, based out of Berlin, who is making strides towards connecting the average person with a manner of alleviating some of the national and social strains the recent flood of refugees is exerting on other nations of the global community.

Refugees Welcome has been described as the ‘airbnb’ for people in need of housing. It takes a simple, widely-known and widely-popular system for finding places to crash and directs it towards an enormous, serious, difficult-to-handle cause.

On top of connecting the places with the people, it can connect micro-financiers with the original owners/renters to take some strain off of paying the bills.

The best part of this organization is how it helps people who otherwise may have done nothing, regardless of their desire to, help out with a global challenge. Which is what World Profiles is all about!

Check them out here 🙂

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