Donors Choose

The school year is just around the corner! Many of us are high with anticipation, for ourselves or our loved ones, and busy getting prepared.

School supply shopping is always the most fun part.

While we stock up on pencils and new tennis shoes, our angel educators are doing the same thing- but on a much grander scale. In the United States alone there are over 3.5 million elementary and secondary school teachers, most of whom are not provided adequate resources to optimize the quality and amount of teaching they are capable of.

It is widely acknowledged that teachers are not paid fairly for their efforts. On top of that, many spend their personal earnings to stock their classrooms, for the benefit of our children, to the detriment of their own financial situations.

As a concerned member of society, education, and all that entails preparing our youth to shape a better future, should be a TOP priority.

We need to shoulder more of the responsibility.

Which brings me to introduce…

Donors Choose is an online charity for the purpose of donating towards classrooms and projects in public schools. Since 2000, Donors Choose has been crowd sourcing and personally implementing the purchase and delivery of supplies requested by public schools and public school teachers.

Whats so awesome about it? The directness, and the ability of donors to see and contribute towards exactly what they want. Pencils? Sure. Books, white boards? Of course. Art, music, special needs? Check, check, check! You can search by location, category, or age group.

Be a part of the project who has already funded over half a million projects, to the tune of over $400,000,000, and having impacted almost 15 million students thus far.

Every dollar helps, and can contribute towards inspiring and supporting the development of future doctors, writers, leaders, and world-changers.

Happy school year 2016!

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