Watsi: Connecting people to save lives

Watsi is an organization created to fund health care around the world for people who are unable to afford it. Simply put, Watsi is part of a movement with an emphasis on DIRECT aid, without blurry organizational costs being deducted from the donations of its supporters.

When looking at the website, it resembles any other crowd-funding site: thumb nails of profiles, and percentages of money goals made.

The difference? The transparency, the genuine need of all of the individuals listed in the profiles, unanimously. Most impressively: the amount of success stories, fully funded treatments.

Watsi is an up-and-coming organization, but already has had over 12,000 donors and supported over 4000 patients.

It is a beautiful example of the human family caring for one another, anonymously, without the challenge of distance, language, race or any other factor in the way.

Check out their website at watsi.org !

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