Don’t allow fear for the future to prevent you from improving the present.

It is no secret how we, as a generation, are striving for more.

Be it saving, planning, educating, working… we’re securing a successful and comfortable future for ourselves. We’ve seen markets crash and buildings fall, institutions fail and our once happy, secure neighbors be left with nothing, despite their upholding of responsibilities.

What effect has that had on the way we are living our lives?

Well, in many ways, we live for the future instead of taking in the present. We need to make sure that we will be OK.

For those planners and savers, I applaud you; you’ve learned by the examples of mistakes of others. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

Did it? Good.

Usually, at this point in the article, you would be slapped in the face with accusation about how you’re wasting your life not living it, how you should enjoy every moment, because tomorrow is not promised.

These are important points.

But, on a wider scale, how does your living in the future effect others?

While you’re busy planning for the future, there are people who need your help right now. Sure- work hard, study, plan, etc, but remember that there are people out there who can’t wait for tomorrow.

Serving others is not something that can wait until you have vacation time built up, or until you’ve funded all of your savings to exhaustion. Serving others is something that should be a daily activity, like motivation, or bathing.

Take care of yourself, but don’t allow your preparation for the future to steamroll your ‘now’, or the ‘now’ of others that you have the ability to effect. Don’t allow fear for the future to prevent you from improving the present

Reach for the stars, but remember what’s happening here on Earth, every day, all around you.


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