Community service activities to keep the kiddies busy and proactive during the summer holidays

Relaxation, adventure, learning, exercise… all are things we want for our kids during their summer vacation from school. Although all of these are aspects of the best activities, what exactly does your kid’s camp do to improve the state of the world? Shouldn’t community service be an emphasized aspect, especially now that there’s extra time during the day?

Teach our future the importance of looking after our community and our world, while having a great time, but taking a few ideas from these suggestions of helpful and meaningful summer vacation activities.

There’s plenty of room for you to get involved with them, too!

For the outdoorsy:

-Plant trees or flowers in your neighborhood- it beautifies and gives back to the community.

-Got a green thumb? Why not spend some time in your community vegetable garden! If you don’t know if your community has one, check out the American Community Gardening Association’s locator. (

-Organize a clean up! It can double as a super fun beach or park day, while taking care of your community areas.

-Hold a dog wash (or car wash) as a fundraiser for a community or international project

-Mow your neighbor’s lawn in secret- it’s the little things.

-Cheer on the next sporting event for the local Special Olympics; show your support for some people that will really, really appreciate and be made happy by it.

For the artsy:

-Makes treats to deliver to a senior home, and spend the afternoon hearing stories about the good old’ days

-Make holiday cards, birthday cards, or inspiring notes for hospital wards or -assisted living facilities

-Put on a play to draw attention to environmental or human needs issues, sell tickets, and donate the proceeds

-Decorate placemats for Meals on Wheels

-Make blankets for Project Linus (

-Hold a shoe-cutting party for Sole Hope! Make shoes for kids in Uganda. (

For the activist:

-Hold a food drive at a parent’s office, neighborhood, or church.

-Clean out the house’s closets to donate to a homeless shelter

-Hold a garage sale or (lemonade stand, if it’s a particularly hot day!) with the proceeds going to your favorite local organization

-Collect camp items for Camp Dreamcatcher, a program for kids affected by HIV/AIDS.

-Write letters to your elected officials about causes you believe in

Hope some of these ideas help keep the youth active, happy, and conscientious,

Happy summer!


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