Its World Health Day!

Today is the day to be healthy- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The theme for World Health Day 2015 is food safety- check out what that means on the World Health Organization’s website:

Also, here is an international website focused on some food safety regulations and healthy food tips:

Like the wise saying goes- you can’t help others before you help yourself! Put your oxygen mask on before aiding others, etcetera. So: get a check up, floss your teeth, meditate, and hug your loved ones.

Once you’re taken care of, remember that there are billions- yes, billions- of people who are unable or don’t have access to basic and necessary health care- or understand what necessary health care really is..

In our usual style, below is attached a run-down on the most common health issues plaguing the world today. Ebola and HIV/AIDS are some big names, highly publicized and scrutinized, but forget not the quiet but wide-spread havoc issues like addiction, mental health, and malnutrition cause on people around the world.

Who are we on this Earth if not the caretakers of our brothers and sisters?

Point being: see the numbers, know the issues, spread the knowledge and empower the action.

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