For the love of language

In honor of the International Mother Language Day, February 21st- I’m a bit late! I would like to draw attention to where what and why languages are so important.

First of all, why should one learn a language other than the one they fist acquired? Well the obvious answer is COMMUNICATION! The hurtles that can be overcome simply by being able to accurately and comfortable communicate with people of other cultures can not be overstated. So many conflicts could be avoided, so many mountains could be climbed if only we could clearly talk it out.

Mother Tongue usually means one’s first language, however, think about your mother’s mother tongue, your grandmother’s mother tongue, and it may be something very different. To recognize, respect, and research your personal heritage is also something that’s importance can’t be overstated, because in a world where were only becoming closer together, the protection and continuation of traditional practices is essential to a culture’s survival.

Next, lets talk about the benefits of simply the act of learning another language. Here are 12 benefits, thanks to

1. It boosts brain power.

2. Multitasking ability is developed! Who couldn’t use the ability to get more done?

3. The onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s is stalled.

4. Memory is improved

5. The mind becomes keener

6. Possible improvement in decision making ability .. it’s science, I can’t explain!

7. Your first language is improved

8. You will improve in other academic areas

9. It makes a person more flexible and open to other cultures

10. Expands career potentials!

11. Builds confidence

12. It aids in self discovery and self actualization.

And as if there needed to be more reasons, as it applies to World Profiles, the coolest and most effective projects are carried out in the local language! What better reason to learn another language than the ability to help others… or any of the reasons above. To each his own!

So, in the fashion of World Profiles, here are some really great and interesting organizations because of their methods, presentation, and style of spreading language capability:

There are a million online language resources… is a new and interesting one to check out. is another one, and just like it looks, its free.

The Pimslur Method has long been known to be one of the best acquisition techniques, can give you a rundown on their theory as well as some resources for purchase.

On-site international language study abroad is (in my opinion) the fastest, funnest, and most effective way to learn language. There are thousands of programs, is a link to a pretty cool one, however with the amount of options you’re likely to find one exactly tailored to what you prefer- length, intensity, location, private or in groups, etc.

Additionally, as discussed in the post about keeping culture alive, community and cultural centers locally are always great language resources. If they don’t teach language in their institution, you’re almost guaranteed they know someone who does!

Buena Suerte!


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  1. definitely the cognitive benefits are grand

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