Art in All of Us

The headline humanitarian organizations tend to be quite, shall we say, heavy sometimes. But the point of contributing to universal wellbeing isn’t to drag yourself down in the process, it’s to lift everyone up. One really beautiful way to lift people up is to encourage and support creative expression, especially through art.

Growing creative ability, especially through the arts, has numerous benefits:

Greater life satisfaction, expanded social community and communication, therapeutic and relaxational benefits, creating art decreases depression and aggression, grows confidence both in individuals and in communities, can create new opportunities for enterprise, improve intercultural tolerance and understanding.. just to name a few.

Art in All of Us is a really beautiful organization, partnering with UNICEF, with a goal of establishing long-term sustainable child art programs all over the world. They have opportunities to contribute financially and as traveling volunteers, housing volunteers, etc,  as well as merchandise to raise money (see the coffee-table book!).

Check it out here: .


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