Rest-of-the-year Resolutions

Now that the freshness of the New Year and its resolutions may be starting to wane (or have long gone already), let’s talk about some goals to carry through the rest of the year.

Stop buying things you don’t need. And when you do decide some item really is necessary, exhaust your less consumerist options before heading to the mall.

Get rid of existing things you don’t need! There are many families that need your three extra toaster ovens much more than you do. And imagine how much better you will feel with a home and life in order, not overflowing with the unnecessary!

Make this year the year that instead of receiving a mountain of birthday presents, you dedicate it to helping others… help others. Choose a cause, family, or organization to support and focus the generosity in their direction.

Instead of buying the material gifts for holidays and birthdays, maybe focus the wealth towards donations ‘in the name of’, ‘I honor of’, ‘in place of’ the guest of honor. Should you really want to gift something wrapped, why not find something beautiful and original and still helpful from one of the many awesome grassroots organizations that are equally contributing to the wellbeing and betterment of a group in need.

Use social media to lift people up. Make a resolution to spread only positivity. No need to turn a blind eye to the negative, however, choose to brighten people’s days instead of talking about ‘ten times the Kardashians were stupid’, ‘why 23 is the worst year ever’, or ‘funniest tattoo fails’. There really are millions of better things to spread around- lets function on a higher level than last year.

Develop a selfless routine. Maybe this can be once a month, a quarter, a week… figure out how to include volunteer or charitable activity regularly. Like bathing. Or that diet that already failed.

Include the wellbeing of others when you plan your summer holiday! Going on vacation? Maybe you can figure out a way to make it more than just a time to get drunk by the pool. Although for the most part I discourage ‘voluntours’ because of how rich the organizers are getting off of it, the concept is a really admirable one. Maybe you can get to know another part of the world, enjoy yourself, but also spread goodwill and your blessings around. Mission-trip style.

Include your workspace! Whether it’s organizing a bake sale, setting out a box for canned-food collection, gathering a group for a ‘relay for life’ type activity, your work resources are really endless. Use your resources. Get your groups involved.

Lets resolve to improve more than ourselves this year. Hope some suggestions stick!


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