EduAction : Increasing the World-View of the Next Leading Generation

What if the world could fit in a school? EduAction’s slogan is both an encouraging question and an indication of the intention of the organization. Having been recently qualified, it is new to the NGO league, although not new to the game.

This is their spiel, as stated on the official Facebook page: “EduAction Project is an international educational initiative that brings talented global-minded students or recent university graduates to underprivileged public schools in Latin America.
Together with the youngsters we explore important global topics, such as Cultural Diversity, Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Leadership, Creativity & Personal Development. During 2 months of weekly work-shops at schools, we build confidence, knowledge and motivation to become responsible citizens of the world with a wider point of view and a belief that change is possible”

Having personally had the privilege of working with EduAction, I can say that even through all lf the challenges that a foreign volunteer faces working in a public school system, the kids are truly impacted in more than one way. Realistically, most of the world doesn’t have the easiest time discovering first hand the way of life of other cultures, so having the ability to literally bring the world to the schools is a unique and worthy cause. In order to improve circumstance and effect change, one must know that there are other ways of living, other ways of thinking, other ways of being, and that every individual has the right to choose their own path.

Check out the official information:


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