Overcoming Administrative Frustrations

Funny how it can be so hard to help sometimes, right? Your head and heart can both be in the right place, but even with the best intentions, there will be road blocks.. administratively and logistically speaking. Here´s a couple reminders for dealing with frustrations you may encounter when dealing with a Non-Profit Organization:

1. Perspective: remember that at the heart of an organization are people. Take a breath, and remember that everyone is working toward the same end goal. Frequently, they´ve been under-trained or under-informed as well. Although not always the case, it helps to humanize.

2. Communication: You choose the tone in which you communicate. If you choose not to communicate frustrations, its only going to be of detriment to yourself as well as the organization as a whole. If you truly believe in the work that´s being done, they need to know the problems that you´re experiencing in order to be better in the future. Let them know what the deal is in an orderly, productive, kind manner.

3. Know your limits. Although suggestion #1 applies 100% of the time, recognize and hold fast to your own values. These days there is a huge influx in people willing to drop everything and contribute to the world in a volunteer-style manner. Which is hugely positive. But don’t be taken for granted; Work hard, but know your worth.

4. LET IT GO. Unless its your administration thats being frustrating, where you´re the boss and its all up to you, ultimately its out of your hands. If you´ve done what you can do to help, recognize that your frustrations have an expiration date and don’t get caught up in the negative.


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