Organizations focused on preserving heritage

Globalization and modernization have come a long way, increase at exponential rates, and can be praised for things like increased cross-cultural understanding and making available better medical technology to people all over.

However, one downside to be highlighted is that modern society across the globe is starting to all mesh together- in a negative way as well as all the positive ways. We´re starting to all look the same.

Diversity is beautiful, so let´s avoid the day when we entirely succumb to the same mold.

Dig deep. Find your roots, and preserve them. Share them with others, and take interest in the history of people with backgrounds unlike yours.

It is our responsibility to protect the past from being stomped out by the future.

To further these efforts, there are massive amounts of local, national, and international organizations focused on the protection and preservation of culture and heritage.

Here´s a couple of suggestions for where to start your research:

UNESCO World Heritage Center:

Preservation Directory, for resources in the United States and Canada:

SAFE, Saving Antiquities for Everyone:

And here is a little information about how these organizations work, and about their structure in the United States:

You can find organizations, clubs, and communities specifically dedicated to whatever your background is. But don’t feel limited to wherever your blood-lines lead you… we can learn an unlimited amount of things from all of the corners of the planet.


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