Avoiding the Burnout

After a time, in all things, we fall into a pattern. We get into a groove, if you will, and become accustomed to our activity.

Although said groove alleviates initial stressors and confusion, with it comes other, less awesome, occurrences. With all the hours put in of hard work, the tank gets empties, and the sensation of feeling worn-down and burnt-out starts to surface.

Caution: ending anything on a bad note can ruin the whole memory. Lets not let that happen. Here are some suggestions for avoiding the burn-out syndrome:

For when the novelty is lost, and we get caught up in monotony. Especially in longer spanning projects, we need to seek variation and continuously be sparking interest. Down to the very last day. Never forget how lucky you are to be in a foreign or out of the ordinary situation, always take full advantage. This means keep meeting new people, visiting new places, trying new things. Seek to be an innovator in your work, and find new ways to contribute. Don’t let the pattern get you down- always strive to see things with fresh eyes, and look from new perspectives.

You´re only bored if you´re boring.

For dwindling motivation,  which goes hand in hand with monotony, never forget your ultimate purpose. Replace the idea of lacking motivation with the idea of finishing strong. Realistically your end goal isn’t achieved until the minute its finished. It ain´t over till its over. Finishing strong means finding renewed energy and appreciating every part of your experience- regardless of how much work you´ve already put in.

Seek a sense of urgency in knowing your time is limited.

For when you´re flat out ready to go home: Congratulations! You’ve developed an increased appreciation for your everyday life and the people in it. Thats amazing. Gratitude is the road to happiness.

But hey- remember how ready you were to get out of there? Experience something new, change your life? It´ll help to live in the now and remind yourself that you have the rest of your life to live the ordinary. Additionally, how amazing you´ll feel to be around the people and things you have appreciation for. Although cliche, its so true how distance makes the heart grow fonder. Allow yourself to feel it, just don’t become so overcome by the feeling that it distracts from the wonderful time and experiences you could be currently having.

Speaking of returning home, the future is always on the horizon. As an era comes to a close, anticipation for whats to come becomes more like a pressing concern. Its ok to think about, necessary to think about. Whats not necessary, is to fret about it. Worrying or compulsively thinking of and planning the future only detracts from the present. Just like being home, there will be plenty of time- a whole entire lifetime- to plan the next steps. Its all in the journey.

And you´re currently living the journey. Don’t waste your time.

At the end of the day, its all about learning, appreciating, contributing. Don’t let anything take away from obtaining the full potential of your beautiful life experience, whatever it may be. Keep that flame.


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