The Benefits of Being See-Through

Making big decisions in life, especially ones involving significant amounts of time and money, can be scary. So often we hear stories of good-hearted people trying to do the right thing, only to be met by schemers who take advantage. Charitable organizations are no exception to this occurrence. Corruption is rampant.

To make intelligent decisions involving your valuable resources, be they monitory contributions or otherwise, its important to be aware of the transparency and accountability of the organization.

Transparency means that the organization makes publicly available data regarding its activity, and accountability means the organization´s obligation to explain these actions.

Without accountability and transparency, there´s really no concrete credibility, and everyone involved is at risk being misled or taken advantage of.

Frequently this information is available on the organizations website, but if not, don’t ever be afraid to call and find out for yourself what the deal is.

Above is a link to Charity Navigator, which is a really great resource for learning more about  how transparency is determined, as well as ratings and donor advisories.

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