Whats your footprint?

In this age of information its highly publicized that humanity is taking a serious toll on the Earth. Im sure most people have heard of the carbon footprint, which, simply put, is our demand on nature and natural resources. Everything we do, everything we purchase, everything we use or consume has a consequence.

Recently, I was introduced to two interesting resources related to sustainability, and here they are for anyone interested:

First, this project Story of Stuff ( http://storyofstuff.org/ ), a community of over 750,000 people working to educate and make change in the area of sustainable practices, better not more, and their website has a few really great videos about the chain of supply and merchandise among other things that are really enlightening and will force you to think differently about patterns of consumption.

Second, http://myfootprint.org/ is a resource for measuring the pressure your current lifestyle is putting on nature. Be careful though, what you see may be shocking. The response is given in how many Earths would be needed if everyone lived like you.

But maybe what we need sometimes is to be a little shocked in order to fall into action.




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