Fundación Pro Niños de la Calle

Fundación Pro Niños de la Calle is an organization that caters to boys between the ages of 8 and 21 who spend their time on the streets of Mexico City. These boys are left to fend for themselves during the day, and sometimes all night, because they are not being looked after by responsible parents or parties. Poverty, unemployment, unsafe or unstable home situations, incapable parents and a society that doesn’t respect the rights of its youth are all reasons of the almost TWO MILLION, yes, 2,000,000, kids living on the streets on Mexico´s capital city. Latin America is estimated to have about 40 million children working or living on the streets. The Fundación provides a safe, productive place for the kids to spend their day. They can bathe and eat healthy meals twice a day at the center. The volunteers help them to seek out other living situations and develop themselves and their lives, in a fun manner, that they are comfortable and choose to return the next morning.

Check out their website, here. You can learn more about the organization, how to get involved, and safely make donations.


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