Increase your understanding through intercultural communication skills

All people are good.

Many people may argue against the goodness of the nature of people, however from an optimistic standpoint, there is good in every person. The bad that is in people, comes from ignorance. So, in order to bring out the good in ourselves and other people, we should seek to understand better our surroundings, circumstances, and the surroundings and circumstances of others in order to inspire empathy, and in turn, inspire action to better the circumstances of those we may be able to help.

In the global community, the most direct path to understanding another group of people through learning about their culture as a whole, past and present. Fortunately, there are intercultural institutions to broaden the minds of those who wish to participate.

So, for starters, what does intercultural mean? Intercultural, nearly synonymous with cross cultural, refers to a field of the study of communication between people of different cultural backgrounds, the ways in which they are alike and unalike, and how they endeavor to communicate with others from different backgrounds.

Intercultural organizations are usually regionally or nationally specified, and have events and lessons on language, music, dance, geography, politics, food, sports, pastimes, history, and many other facets of what makes up the culture of a people.

Below are some links to organizations that you may be interested in learning more about or becoming involved with :


AFS Intercultural Programs – For people who wish to either participate in programs or host a participant from abroad

Effective Intercultural Business (wordpress blog)

Center for Intercultural Dialogue

CARTUS– training for intercultural business to build individual competencies

Women’s Intercultural Center– focusing on women and children

Center for Intercultural Organizing– containing a wide variety of campaigns and programs

The Intercultural Innovation Award– where you can be inspired by past and present organizations focusing on grassroots projects and intercultural dialogue efforts, and also nominate someone/organization for the award.


In addition to these sites and organizations, there are always local cultural centers, museums, fairs and events that can be a fun, easy way to increase your knowledge of the world and international community.



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