#Blogust 2014: How Bloggers and Readers are Saving Lives with Vaccines

#Blogust- check it out- this is amazing and simple and all you have to do in order to provide vaccines (via Walgreens) to children in need is to share a Blogust post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram.


Blogust_Lockup_Horizontal Friday, August 1st marks the start of Blogust 2014, a month-long blog relay by some of the country’s top bloggers joining together to support the work of the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign in providing life-saving vaccines to children around the world. Since Blogust began two years ago, the campaign has successfully provided thousands of vaccines to children around the world. Last year, Blogust provided 36,000 vaccines just in one month from comments and shares. It is an amazing way to come together and help save lives!

I have been working as a advocate for the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign since its beginning in early 2012 and am a huge supporter. (You can read all my posts on Shot@Life here).

IMG_1656 My children and me wearing our Shot@Life t-shirts during Global Immunization Week.

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