Protecting who?

Atrocities don’t only happen thousands of miles away, there are massive steps close to home that need to be taken too.

Harmonious Anarchy

Tonight’s post comes to you from a sleep deprived mind, and as I’m writing this on my phone I apologise for the lack of supporting links, and any grammatical/spelling/auto correct mistakes.

Today I watched footage of an unarmed civilian being murdered on the side walk as a group of horrified onlookers were kept at bay by a number of police officers. This wasn’t in Gaza, Israel, Syria, or any of the war torn nations where the death of civilians has become so commonplace that such an incident would be, sadly, not unusual. No, this happened on the streets of New York. There were no gun shots, no bomb shells. Eric Garner was strangled on the street in broad daylight by an officer of the NYPD.

The story of Eric Garner is probably not News to any residents of New York, or to many of my friends in the states, but…

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