Finding Responsible Businesses

As consumers, we need to take responsibility for the companies we support. So frequently we get caught up going through the motions of buying our groceries, shopping, and just generally doin’ what we’ve gotta do, that we don’t consider the manufacturers and sources of the products we buy.

So, if we can replace just one of our every day items with a more responsible version, what a difference it would make!

Here’s a couple of data bases that can direct you towards environmentally and socially beneficial products and services:

National Green Pages


Greenfinder – UK directory

Solutions for Green

Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade Directory Australia

Global Internet Fair Trade Directory


No excuses! You can find anything you can possibly need while supporting far, responsible, eco friendly providers.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. There is also the ethical supermarket shopping guide (possibly only in Australia) that you can download to take shopping with you!

  2. hbrownsell says:

    That’s awesome, do you know where to find it?

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