What can we do to free the next generation from child labor? Step 1

This recent article about children dying while building ‘terror tunnels’ for Hamas is not an uncommon occurrence. There are many avenues from which these kids arrive in such a terrible position, be it poverty and homelessness, debt entrapment, escaping abuses at home, or abduction to name just a few.

The first steps in eradicating this practice, (although it is so deeply engrained in the every day practice in many cultures), is becoming aware of it and of the products of their labors.

For example: do you know where your coffee came from? Check out this article by Christine Vitiello, estimating at least 250 million child workers on farms producing cocoa and coffee, most of whom have no opportunity to attend school. It is so important to know where the things you consume come from, and that the producers and manufactures use responsible and fair practices.

Check out about fair trade if you want to learn more.

However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Check out some of these other organizations combating unfair child labor around the world:


International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labor

Child Labor Public Education Project


International Initiative to End Child Labor

There are also organizations working against specific forms of child labor and specific industries that most commonly partake in the practice, and here are just a couple:

GoodWeave and RUGMARK Foundation, organizations aimed at ending child labor in the carpet industry.

Media Voices for Children, with a focus on drawing attention to children rights.











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