Non-Profit Organizations and their Growing Importance in the World Today

Being involved with a charity or nonprofit is pretty popular these days. Which is awesome! It may leave some of us a little flustered, however, in understanding what exactly this entails. Lets begin by defining what these organizations actually are:

A nonprofit organization simply dictates that it is not making money on top of its expenses. Well known nonprofit organizations include the Red Cross, United Way, and Habitat for humanity.

One can be involved in an organization on a professional level, on a volunteer level, as well as by simply contributing money or other resources useful to their cause.

The work that non-profit and charity organizations do in this day and age simply cannot be replaced. Although of course everyone needs to make a living in order to make a life, there is a growing emphasis of the necessity of the non profit sector. Be it feeding starving children in sub-Saharan Africa or providing music lessons to inner city American children, these organizations are hugely important and provide services that would otherwise not even exist.

The work that this blog aims to do is to connect readers with ways to improve their community and the international community. So, let us begin:

Attached below is the address to an article entitled “5 Non-Profit Trends to Watch in 2014″. Granted, were over the hump of 2014, but check them out and see how you agree, disagree, or can expand on this years non-profit changes and efforts.

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