Israel, Palestine, And Social Media

This is a really interesting comment on political conflicts in relation to social media. The majority of young people get a huge amount of their knowledge on current events from Facebook and twitter feeds- and this article may shed some light on collecting correct information and seeing the bias in what other people usually have to say.

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Anyone who regularly uses the Internet is aware of the crisis in the Middle East by now. I grew up in a neighborhood with a highly Jewish population, so the situation has hit particularly close to home for many of my friends. I also know a fair amount of people whose families are originally from various areas of Palestine. There is a fairly clear-cut pattern that in terms of public forums like Facebook, Jews stand firmly with Israel just as people of Palestinian backgrounds consistently come to the defense of Palestine. No surprise there, right? Why wouldn’t you defend your own people? As an observer without any personal connection to Israel or Palestine who has been grappling with the situation and the projection of it on social media, my reaction is that this act of blindly and publicly “defending the homeland”–especially by those who are particularly aggressive with their…

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